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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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welcome to al jazeera america, i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. a major winter storm slamming the united states. secretary of state john kerry trying to advance the middle east peace talks. plus the latest hurdle for the affordable care act. it is now official the first winter storm of 2014 moving away from new york city but not after dumping several inches of snow in the big apple. the snow had its biggest impact
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in new england. there are reports of at least two feet of snow in massachusetts, and the storm stranding thousands of airline passengers. much of the east coast being crippled by the storm. erika pitzi is in new york where the roads are the major story, but we begin with john in boston. and the wind is making it feel like it is well below zero. >> you know, dell it is, and it has warmed up in just the last hour. the temperature was around 11 or 12 degrees, but the wind chill makes it feel below zero. let me show you around where we are. this is the finishing line pretty much of the boston marathon over there. so you can tell exactly where we are. and look at the place. there is hardly really anybody here. there is more traffic than there was earlier, that is true, but i'm afraid there is an awful lot
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of snow on the ground and the number of snowplows and people working to clear this stuff really outnumbering the people who are here. so although the snow has stopped in boston and the sun is out, the snow is going to be falling for many hours south of here. and particularly down in the island, there the forecast is for it to snow until 2:00 or 3:00. and the snow storm right now, which is really the last event of this storm, they are wiorrie that that surge might cause flooding. and we have been listening to one of the people that run the airport, and he has said the tarmac and runways are clear,
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and it looks like an airport in florida according to him. of course the temperature isn't conducive of that. however, they are waiting for the aircraft to come back in. the airlines keep their aircraft away when a storm like this comes through. we have some figures for you. i think we have a little graphic that we can put up on the screen here. in total there have been 656,000 delays so far. that's delays. now cancellations, 2,276 so far, and in the u.s. the figure is 2,062. so this storm has caused a lot of heart ache and a lot of people go back after the winter
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break has been disrupted. >> john as we could see from those orange flights which meant the delays, a lot of people were stuck. but we talk about these storms a lot of times with regards to the snow and cold, but they have a major impact on the economy, including where you are. >> i know. that's right. people in north dakota must be looking at me, thinking what is he talking about? we go through this ten times a year, and i think that that's very, very true. the thing is about the northeast -- and remember i happen to be many boston, but we have been reporting from all over the northeast, including new jersey and new york where the governors have declared a state of emergency, but this is such a populous area, this is a college town as you know, but you go to somewhere like morris county, new jersey for example,
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which is only about 30, 40 miles to the west of new york city, there they have 50 fortune 500 companies based. and so that's why the media makes a big fuss about an area like this. and all of the tourism. major tourist centers here. >> and dave warren says it will be minus 52 in fargo next week. [ laughter ] >> well, i hope they don't send me. >> john thank you very much. and now we turn to new york where erika pitzi is live. and the concern there seems to be still about the streets. >> yeah, definitely. the snow has stopped falling and that is certainly a good thing here, and it's creating some pretty pictures behind us. central park you have tourists out and about taking pictures,
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doing snow angels here, people out with their kids, so while it is nice and pretty, it is definitely still creating an ugly scene on the road. this is columbus circle here in midtown manhattan. and cars are still going pretty slow. so people are still just taking it a little slow overnight road closures everything is now open, including jfk international airport. that is certainly good news for travelers. all flights might get back hopefully in and out of jfk it closed at 6:00 this morning, and now it is open. and that is certainly good news. >> erika pitzi joining us live from new york. thank you very much. the snow has moved on but colder air could be moving in. dave warren joins us with that part of the story. >> yeah, that fresh coating of snow on the ground, bitter cold
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temperatures tonight, factor in the wind, wind chill warnings in effect, the orange color there, those will be expiring today as the snow clears out. this was overnight last night. dark blue color indicating that heavy band of snow. and all the way up through boston, close to the coast had the most snow. now the snow is gone, but the temperatures have dropped. down below zero for the actual air temperatures. when you factor in that wind temperature, it feels well below zero. and that will cause coastal flooding with this next high tide at noon. that's what you are watching now. what we're watching over the weekend is the storm developing, and that will impact the northeast again, a look with that in the national forecast a little bit later. >> dave warren thank very much.
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the obama administration pushing back on the supreme court decision to give catholic groups the ability to opt out of the affordable care act. libby casey is live at the white house right now, and libby the affordable care act in the courts already, no surprise. but what is the background on the latest controversy. >> this element has been controversial for quite sometime. it requires workplaces to cover contraception or birth control. however, it does have an exemption for church leaders and other groups. that does not include charities affiliated with those churches. charities protested and said we don't want to cover birth control if we object on moral or religious grounds. so the obama administration came up with a compromise and said
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those parties could have a third-party ininsurer cover the contracepti contraception, and they could sign a statement saying they object to contraception coverage. that didn't go far enough for some charities including a group in denver which ones a nursing home for the impoverished. they said they don't event want to sign paperwork kicking the responsibility to a third-party. so they signed a lawsuit. >> and libby so far have we had response from the white house? >> we certainly have. the justice department has issued their response asking for that exception to solved. here is where it gets interesting. the justice department points out the insurance company for the little sisters is considered to be a church in this circumstance. so they would be exempt from
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having to provide contraception coverage at all. the lawyer for the little sisters of the poor says they don't want to sign the paperwork, so they still have concerns with the way the law is structured. government officials say this is really essentially a non-case. so it's a bit complicated, but what happens next will be key, because the justice has a couple of options. she can continue this exception or dismiss it, and she can put forth the law as it was intended. the other option she can take it to the whole supreme court, and they can hear this case in its entirety. there are already some other cases before the supreme court right now, revolving around this contraception mandate. they involve for-profit companies, the owners of which do not want to have to provide
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contraception. dell? >> libby casey thank you very much. taking a look at business news, thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are on the line today as machinist at boeing vote on a new contract. union members rejecting a similar proposal back in november. they are concerned about language in that plan that replaces their traditional pension plan with 401k's. the company says it will now look to move production of that jet elsewhere. one strategist saying that is putting a lot of pressure on the union to vote yes. >> they would lose millions of dollars in contribution to the international fund. boeing it would be really difficult for them to relocation a whole entire operation to another state, but states are offering big incentives and big tax breaks. >> the results of the vote are expected sometime tonight. a lackluster end of the year
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for the big three auto makers. still the u.s. auto industry reporting its best year since before the recession. on wall street some solid gain for the blue chips, but they are starting to fade now. low volume expected because of the snow storm that has slammed the northeast. secretary of state john kerry overseas and his reception was anything but warm. a live report is straight ahead. ♪
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new lights use low wattage led rights, neither harmful for the trees nor dangerous for the kids that may touch them. >> many play-off spots in the n.f.l. are still to be decided. mark morgan is here to explain it all. >> hey, a lot of anxiety in dallas, wondering what the dallas cowboys would do. tony romeo underwent back surgery. kyle ortman will start quarterback in the eagles game. sher een williams of the fort worth star telegram weighs in. >> that lees this game in the hands of kyle orten, he made 69 starts. he's 35 and 34. but has not thrown a pass as a starter and only thrown 15 passes over the last two years. it takes the pressure off the cowboys. no doubt about that. they can go in, play loose and
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>> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america. >> several hundred palestinians holding this protest in the west
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bank. they are denouncing a visit by secretary of state john kerry. he is there pushing peace talks with israel. kerry in the west bank to meet with the palestinian president. nick there. what exactly is he saying in this meeting? is >> well, the palestinian president wants some indication that israel is willing to make some concessions, because kerry is asking the palestinians to make some concessions. both sides need to make hard choices in the next few weeks if there is any chance at all for even a semblance of peace talks in the future. what kerry is asking the israelis to consider is the 1967 borders, that means no west
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bank, no gaza, the palestinians are being asked that israel be recognized as a jewish state. they say we recognize your right to exist already, why do we need to say you are a jewish state. if we do that, we negate our right to return. and negating the 20% of arabs who live in israel. so he wants a compromise on both sides. but right now neither side really says that -- publicly they are willing to compromise, and both sides are positions themselves to blame the other one. >> and israel testing its missile system again. that must be complicating things. >> yeah, i any it is. but israel looks at this as defensive. it looks at this as we have
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three basically steps to our defensive. a local missile defense system that protects from missiles from gaza, and a median that protects from hezbollah groups from lebanon, the arrow three is what we saw tested today. that's u.s. funded and it flies very high, very quickly and tries to intercept missiles with nuclear, chemical, or bilogical tips wide up in the air. israel says that iran and syria has those weapons, and it is no secret that israel has been very outspoken about worrying about iran's intentions, that's why they bring in this missile system and test it one and one, and thanks the u.s., and united states senators who were visiting here today for actually funding this missile system as something they believe they need to secure their state in the future. >> and nick there was somewhat
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of an olive branch issued to secretary kerry concerning the settlements but not much. >> not at all, as one israeli official put it to me, we were going to announce 1400 before he leaves, if we announce them after he leaves, what is the big deal, we don't really care. we get our point across, and we avoid putting our finger into kerry's eye. but the palestinians say the settlements are settlements, if you are going to expect us to have a viable, contiguous palestinian state you cannot build not only settlements, but a road in the heart of what we hope is the future palestinian state, dell. >> thank you very much. iraqi security forces aided by local tribesmen striking back today.
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62 al-qaeda firefighters were billed west of bagdad, but the violence has now spread to where the government had to retreat. those clashes beginning monday when the iraqi government tore down a protest camp. and in lebanon investigators continue to search for clues of who is behind thursday's bombing in beirut. a security official saying human remains were found inside the vehicle. investigators trying to determine if it was a suicide bombing. in egypt three of our al jazeera leagues are expected to face more questioning this within, producers, mohamed fahmy, baher mohamed, and correspondent peter greste. al jazeera continues to demand that they be released
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immediately. obesity is on the rise around the world. why some people in some countries are seeing their waistlines expand at an even faster pace. and if you want to see this icy wonderland, bundle up, you will have to face temperatures that are at least 25 degrees below zero. interactive television. we depend on you, >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> the stream. next on al jazeera america and join the conversation online @ajamstream.
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you are looking live right now at the scene in fort lee, new jersey where the sun is finally shining in new york. as you look at the skyline there, the temperatures, though, still betray the scenes you are seeing on your screen. they are still just above zero. two thirds of the east coast already being crippled by that major storm. the schools and businesses already closed. new york and new jersey earlier declaring states of emergency. the white house asking the supreme court not to give kat rick groups -- catholic groups
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exemptions to providing contraception health coverage. hundreds of palestinians are protesting secretary of state john kerry's arrival in the state palestinians say the talks are biased towards israeli's behands. obesity rates have tripled in the developing world. a third of adults are now either over weight or obese. dominic kaine has more. >> reporter: it's an increasing problem, once developing countries struggled with famine. now they are struggling with obesity. as economies have grown in the last 30 years, so have their populations, but so too have their waistlines, and the numbers are stark. >> it's a triple of the number of people considered over weight
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and obese in the developing world since 1918. that takes the numbers to more than 900 million, and that's more than the number of overweight and obese people that we have in the high-income countries. >> reporter: two countries are particularly affected. chai and mexico. the report points to the abundance of processed food and sugary drinks as serious problems, and lack of exercise could also be to blame. a fondness for fast-food just makes things worse. ignorance of what makes a good diet is another factor. >> decades ago the government of korea said we must encourage our traditional foods which are high in vegetables, high in seafood and so on. and there was a lot of public
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education, training, and sense of korean food is good for you. >> the report suggests governments elsewhere should take a leaf from korea's book, and it says if people elsewhere don't stop overeating the result could be a huge increase in cancer, hi blood pressure, and heart disease. dominic kaine, al jazeera. ♪ i'm dave warren. the live picture outside across new york shows the snow has cleared out, the sun is out, but the bitter cold air is here and just moving in. this is when the snow was heaviest. overnight last night, the snow intensifying off of the coast. these bands cleared out, and now we have the sunshine but the temperatures have dropped and will continue to drop,
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especially overnight tonight. these numbers could easily drop well below zero. six in boston, toronto six below, and when you factor in that gusty wind this is what it feels like, down to 10 to 15 degrees below for the wind chill. so bundle up if you are going to be out for a long time, you will really want to take precautions. the wind creating coastal flooding there across the northeast, and now we have another storm which is creating blizzard conditions across north dakota. this will bring in light snow, chicago sees these temperatures drop down to single digits, saturday and sunday. and then the actual air temperature 6 below on monday. look at these wind chills 20, 30 below, by tomorrow morning. then 52 below in fargo.
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this is the wind chill forecasted with the actual air temperature plus the wind speed combined. the radar plus the clouds show that the snow is cleared out, here is that cold air coming in. but there will be another storm developing on sunday, and that storm develops right over the great lakes, it will pull the air up across the mid-atlantic and new england states. but with the cold air on the surface, and the warm over that, you could see a mix of sleet and rain wednesday evening. and that should change over to rain, but we will see that wintery weather by the weekend. dell? this >> dave, thank you very much. each year millions brave sub zero temperatures just to gaze at a winter wonderland in china. it puts on a because ling
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display of ice sculptures, and the number of visitors increase every year. >> reporter: putting the finishing touches to this year's winter collection. the increasing fame of this ice festival in the northern chinese city means competition from overseas is getting tougher. >> translator: the standard has been improving a lot because people have been using more sophisticated tools. >> reporter: growing steadily since it began at the turn of the century, the last few years have seen the festival boom with 25% growth in the last year alone. >> translator: as the economy keeps growing, people have more money to travel and they want to go to interesting places. >> reporter: it's after dark that the festival truly comes to life and the increase in visitor numbers becomes apparent in spite of nighttime temperatures of minus 25 degrees and below.
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having planned and saved civil servant and his wife are bringing their five year old daughter here for the first time. it's their only holiday this year from their native province in china. but they are already planning next year. >> translator: we want to go to tibet. >> translator: after that we want to go abroad. >> reporter: with high expectations from the middle income perspective, china that 2014 is looking pretty rosy right now. and we leave you with something you don't see every day. a 9 year old chinese boy mastering the rubix cube. take a look. solving the puzzle in about 12 seconds. he is a celebrity at school these days, teaching his classmates how to solve the
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rubix cube. thanks for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters. "the stream" is next. we'll look at why non-violent protests could lead to historically harsh punishment. ♪ our digital producer, wajahat ali is here, bringing in all of your live feedback through the show. today we're taking an interesting look at what against. es


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